Pink Glasses Productions is a private graphic design and creative studio owned and operated by Rachel Massie. As a graphic designer and marketing professional, I provide a variety of creative services to clients. For nearly ten years, I have been working in various freelance and corporate design and marketing based roles. My Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Associate’s Degree in Visual Communications have provided me with the professional education, skills, and experience needed to execute projects in print, web design, and video categories, while preparing me to tackle a wide array of design and marketing projects.

I am adept in illustration and layout work for print and digital media, executing traditional print based typography projects such as business cards, stationery, books, brochures, posters, fliers, magazine layouts, as well as items for trade shows or events. The deliverables I create easily transfer into digital mediums such as ebooks, pdf documents, presentations, graphics for video and web applications. My previous experience with technical content writing and editing, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, and social media management allow me to provide my clients with services and packages customized to their unique needs.

Your brand’s identity can be communicated through effective web design, blog design, banners or advertisements for the web, or even infographics and photos for your social media campaign. Consistency is key in branding and marketing, and having a comprehensive branding guide is essential. Together we can refine both the visual aspects of your branding as well as the voice and communication style used to communicate with your audience.

In addition to corporate design projects, I work on a variety of consumer products such as wedding and event packages, greeting cards, cell phone cases, apparel, photo editing and manipulation, or even creating a stylized video of your personal event from footage clients have taken. My previous experience in the screen printing industry in both design and prepress roles helped me develop a special passion for print work. From refining art for it’s intended printing method, advising on the best paper for your project, to incorporating speciality printing techniques or finishes I love every aspect of the print process. I partner with several different print companies so that I not only can manage printing for my clients but can also offer more competitive prices through my relationship with various print companies. I work with large scale printers, printers that specialize in eco-friendly production methods and papers, and even print-on-demand vendors so whatever the end vision is for your project we can find the right combination of quality and value.

Most of all, I like a challenge. Do you have a specialized project not listed here? Contact me today to discuss how I can bring your idea to life or solve your creative problem!